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Our Services

At Western Respiratory & Sleep, we understand the intricate connection between breathing, sleep, and overall well-being. Our integrated approach, led by a team of skilled respiratory and sleep specialists, ensures that you receive personalised care to address your needs.

Our Services:

  1. Respiratory Care: Whether you're managing a chronic respiratory condition or seeking preventive care, our specialists offer expert diagnosis, treatment, and ongoing management. From pulmonary function testing to advanced respiratory therapies, we provide comprehensive services to support your respiratory health.

  2. Sleep Medicine: If you're experiencing sleep disturbances or disorders, our sleep specialists are here to help. We offer comprehensive sleep studies, diagnostics, and personalised treatment plans to address conditions such as sleep apnea, insomnia, and restless leg syndrome.

Doctor reassuring female patient
Doctor and Patient


We are available for in person and telehealth consultations to develop a management plan that is most suitable for your respiratory and sleep needs.

If this is your first appointment with our doctors, the time allocated will be long enough to discuss the symptoms you have been experiencing and formulate an individual management plan. Depending on your history you may be asked to undergo diagnostic testing before the consultation or afterwards.

Respiratory Testing 

Why have I been referred?

Doctors request respiratory tests to see how well your lungs are working. If you're having trouble breathing, feel tightness in your chest, or have a cough that won't go away, these tests can help find out what's going on.

What to expect

You'll sit down and breathe into a special tube connected to a machine. A trained person will show you what to do. The tests are easy, but sometimes our team may ask you to blow out more air than you’re used to. We will guide you through what’s required during the test.

Sleep Studies

If you have trouble sleeping or feel tired all the time, a sleep study can help. It checks for sleep problems like snoring, stopping breathing while you sleep, or moving a lot during sleep. We offer both at home and inpatient sleep studies. Our specialists' know that selecting the right test for you ensures you get the right diagnosis for your sleep concerns. 


eosinophil cell

Biologicals for asthma



overweight male with grandchild enjoying outdoors

Weight management

Vector of Bronchoscopy


Doctor holding healthy lungs

Chest Drain

Image of doctor holding healthy lungs

Tunneled IPC

Patient having thoracic ultrasound

Thoracic ultrasound

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